Defense mechanisms

Ants have several predators, therefore, they have adapted several defense mechanisms and strategies to protect themselves against their enemies:

  • Ants are equipped with a nasty sting/bite that secretes formic acid, which is highly irritant. 

  • Some ants block the entrance to their nest with their head in a process called phragmosis. This prevents enemies form infiltrating the nest.

  • Ants use their powerful mandibles to throw small intruders out of the nest and these mandibles can also snap shut when they are in defense mode. 

The fishhook ant

The fishhook ant can use its sharp spikes on its back to penetrate their enemies. It can also use these hooks to interlock with other ants in the nest. This means that the ants will form a sort of lattice which will prevent the ant from being dragged away by a predator.


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